Congratulations to the 2024 winners

Congratulation's to this year's winners – the entries received were exceptional and a real showcase of the most innovative, exciting and erudite British journalism.

Check out this year's results and register your interest for 2025 below


With a heritage spanning six decades, the Press Awards have honoured some of the most respected names in British journalism. Submit the best of your work to be judged by your peers and you too could win one of these prestigious awards. 

Through the continued fallout of the pandemic, economic volatility and geopolitical tension, the best in the industry have continued to offer insight, inspiration and analysis to the British public. 


Individual awards

Young Journalist of the Year

Business and finance Journalist of the year

Foreign Reporter of the Year

Showbiz Reporter of the Year

Science And Technology Journalist of the Year

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Health Journalist of the Year

Environment Journalist of the Year

Travel Journalist of the Year

Data Journalist of the Year

The Hugh Mcilvanney Award for Sports Journalist of the Year

Specialist Journalist of the Year

Broadsheet Interviewer of the Year

Tabloid Interviewer of the Year

Broadsheet Columnist of the Year

Tabloid Columnist of the Year

Critic of the Year

Broadsheet Feature Writer of the Year

Tabloid Feature Writer of the Year

News Reporter of the Year

Photographer of the Year

Sports Photographer of the Year

Cartoonist of the Year

Political Journalist

Team Awards

Investigation of the Year

Scoop of the Year

News Website of the Year

News Podcast of the Year

News App of the Year

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Supplement of the Year

Broadsheet Front Page of the Year

Tabloid Front Page of the Year

Campaign of the Year

Excellence in Diversity Award

Organisation Awards

Daily Newspaper of the Year

Sunday Newspaper of the Year

Benefits of entering



Demonstrate to your audience that you can bring clarity to complex topics and show your advertisers that they can align their brand with trusted publication


Celebrate the individuals who make your publication what it is – from important stories to the most impactful images


Give your organisation the edge in the race for the best young talent. These awards shine a spotlight on those fostering excellence




CEO, PA Media

Clive has spent his entire career in the News & Media industry. He is CEO of PA Media Group, a diversified news and information business, which includes PA, the UK National news agency, for the last 14 years. Clive was previously Chief Executive of the Australian Associated Press (AAP).  



Author, Broadcaster and Commentator 

Sonia Purnell is perhaps best known in the UK for her investigative work on Boris Johnson and covered a huge range of stories in politics, diplomacy and many other fields. Sonia is also an author of several other acclaimed non-fiction books, the last one, A Woman of No Importance, residing in the New York Times bestseller list for many months.




Who can enter?

All work submitted must have been published by a news media organisation (newspapers and digital publications,) which is either headquartered in or extensively published in the United Kingdom.

What is the eligibility period?

All work submitted must have been published from 1st November 2022 to 31st October 2023.

What should be included in the citation?

The citation should be written in third person and should include information about the entry including information about the nominee (if an individual category), information about the work submitted and any relevant data that will support the entry.

What images should I submit?

We require two images to be uploaded for each entry. If you are entering an individual category then one image should be a headshot and one image should be of the work submitted. If your entry is for the team categories, this should be two images of the work submitted. All images submitted should be JPEG or PNG and high resolution. 

How many examples of work do I need to submit?

For all categories (excluding Newspaper of the Year Daily and Sunday) you will need to submit a maximum of three examples of work. For Newspaper of the Year (Daily and Sunday), you need to submit five examples of work - two examples of the newspaper itself and three examples of individual articles etc. 

When is the last chance I can amend my entry?

You will have up until the 23rd November to amend your entry. You will not get charged for making any amendments to your entry.

I am a freelancer, can I apply?

We encourage freelancers to apply into the Press Awards and offer a discounted rate of £50.00 + VAT per entry (increase to £150 + VAT from 16th November), please contact [email protected] to apply for the discounted freelancer rate.

Can I submit a Wetransfer link of our examples of work?

You can submit a Wetransfer link however this link needs to be valid until the end of judging (end of January). If links expire the judges will be unable to access the work during the judging process. 

Is there a max MB limit per upload?

50MB per upload

When and how will we find out who has been shortlisted?

The shortlist will be announced in January, we will email everyone that has directly submitted the entries along with posting on our website and social media (@PressAwardsuk)

Can I submit any work that has a joint byline?

You can submit up to one example of work that has a joint byline but the individual's contribution to the article must be clarified in the entry.