Accused: Russell Brand, the 'Sex Predator' Who Hid in Plain Sight

Sunday Times

The Sunday Times cleared its front page of September 17 to tell the remarkable story of Russell Brand when women had alleged that the comedian had abused them...

The two line headline summed up the story and the two bullet point sub-decks detailed the main claims against Brand.

The front page was held up by an image of Brand at his peak - and the reason for this is that the bulk of the allegations concern that exact time period: when the comic and TV star was riding high on both sides of the Atlantic and was one of the world's most bankable entertainers.

In the first leg of the copy, we puff to the inside investigation which contains a quote from one of the women and the investigation's bespoke artwork. The aim was simply to grab the reader's attention and brilliantly project an investigation that had taken four years.