Alison Boshoff

Daily Mail

I’m submitting three articles to reflect my work across the Friday showbusiness column which I took over from (the legendary) Baz Bamigboye in April this year, plus the news stories and features I write for the Daily Mail. The aim is always to be revelatory - to grip the reader foremost and also to be followed elsewhere.

The Jerry Hall story and Florence Pugh story were followed, globally. In both cases, the stories were obtained despite a wall of no comment all round officially. I have an excellent contact who rang me to share Jerry’s feelings and her distress over the divorce. With Pugh, it had been reported that there was some ill feeling but it wasn’t known that she was going to skip the press conference, photocall and after party at Venice - that information was shared by a film industry contact while I was working at the festival and proved to be correct. I’m adding in Paul McCartney because there is a place for more gentle revelations in the form of informed perspectives on big events, with some knowledge behind the scenes about those involved.