Andy Stenning

Daily Mirror

These three entries by Andy Stenning were covered by hundreds of other photographers. It is a tribute to his skill that he managed to take images that not only stood out from the crowd but became the defining pictures of the event.

1 Princess of Wales Not all photographers covering large Royal events like the Coronation of King Charles get to be in the Abbey or opposite the balcony at Buckingham Palace. Nevertheless there are other parts of the day as important that need covering. Stenning was outside the Abbey for King Charles and other royals arriving and leaving. The steady rain made it even more tricky as there were “umbrella escorts" for the departures. But he spotted some people waving at a window behind him and thought the Princess of Wales would look their way and she didn't disappoint giving him a great shot. Picture taken on a Nikon Z9 70-200 lens

2 Grand National

At the year’s Grand National stunning spot there was a “wind tunnel” effect behind the Princess Royal stand at Aintree. He waited patiently on the off chance it might produce an interesting image. His hunch paid off when he took this stunning image of a race-goer’s hat lifted in to the air. It captured perfectly the windy conditions and the spirit of the world’s most famous horse race.

3 Keir Starmer

There were dozens of other images of Keir Starmer being covered in glitter by a protestor at the beginning of his leader’s speech but Stenning’s stands out for its clarity and the way it capture’s the Labour leader’s expression.

This is news photography at its best: reacting instantly to a fast-moving event and taking the defining image.