Annie Owen

North Wales Live and the Daily Post

In the 18 months since launching my journalistic career, I have established myself as a well-rounded senior reporter, trusted with covering all types of stories. From breaking news to human interest features, this sample gives a glimpse into the quality and breadth of my work which aims to champion underserved voices, hold those in power to account, and most importantly, tell real stories.

'Health board apologises after woman, 89, 'left in direct sunlight' during heatwave' illustrates my work to hold north Wales' health board to account at a time when it is subject to numerous reports highlighting its failings in the wake of the pandemic. It is an example of how I uphold one of the media's primary functions, is to highlight injustices within society on behalf of those whose voices would otherwise go unheard. On a similar vein is 'Young mum gave birth alone and endured her 'darkest moments' while Boris partied at Downing St' a story which highlighted the link between UK Government news and rural North Wales communities - which can often appear distant. This story struck a chord with North Wales Live readers and saw huge engagement, as it was a story which had resonated with so many; a story many people had shared experience of. One of the challenges of reporting in rural North Wales is navigating wider UK and global issues through the lens of a devolved nation, often disconnected from the mainstream narrative. Finally, 'Grief is 'still raw' 10 years on from fire which killed five members of the same family' is an example of connecting through with audiences through storytelling in a world which is increasingly desensitised by trauma. This story was deeply sensitive and required a trauma-informed approach. The process of interviewing the family required a subtlety and understanding of exactly how raw their grief is. When it came to writing the piece, it shows an ability to go back to basics and give this story the respect it deserved. As a result, the end product was a simple yet moving piece which accurately depicted the reality of such a tragic event. I am proud to have qualified as a senior reporter less than a year into my time at North Wales Live/ the Daily Post as a result of my passion for storytelling. Brand Editor Dion Jones gave the following feedback upon my recommendation to attend the Reach seniors panel: "Annie is certainly one of the most talented journalists we have seen come through the trainee scheme here at North Wales Live / the North Wales Daily Post in recent years. Despite her young age and relatively short time with the company, Annie is a model employee in every aspect. I have no doubt that this would be a first step in a very bright career in journalism for Annie and I am more than happy to recommend her for consideration to the panel."