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The Bloomberg UK website provides unbiased news and global insights for business leaders.

Over the last year, Bloomberg hit 500,000 online subscribers. We’ve achieved that growth through a multi-platform approach, with the website at the heart of it. Our site brings articles, videos, podcasts and newsletters together with a focus on providing actionable content for our users. In the current cost of living crisis, our ability to translate the numbers from markets is more important than ever.

Our stories have led the way in identifying inflection points, through scoops and a wealth of Bloomberg terminal data. Our reporters were the first to report London lost its crown of Europe’s largest stock market to Paris. Reporters followed up with a scoop that British tech giant Arm had decided to list in New York, despite vigorous lobbying from the London Stock Exchange and government.

Bloomberg broke the story that 777 Partners agreed to buy Everton FC, adding another US investment firm to the growing ranks of owners in the world’s richest football league. That’s one of many examples of our market-moving local reporting with global implications. Our storytelling also aims to highlight daily life in the UK, whether that's through our Levelling Up scorecard or with assessments of Britain's standing in the world, and how investors and CEOs feel about it. Our investigations uncovered aspects of how business or society operates.

A story on the toxic culture at a famous London real estate firm showed management had much more work to do to achieve an equitable workplace. A report by our energy team exposed how some power companies manipulated the market to pocket millions — at the expense of bill payers. It led to the prime minister, the energy secretary and his Labour shadow calling on the regulator to look into the country's electricity markets. Bloomberg UK reporters broke the news of Liz Truss's shock plan to freeze energy bills, a move that could cost the taxpayer as much as £130 billion. It shook up both Westminster and the markets, with our story immediately moving the pound before it was followed up by rival outlets.

Bloomberg's team was first to break the news of Rishi Sunak's landmark Windsor Brexit deal with the EU, revealing the key developments at each stage of the process. Other innovative uses of our digital platform includes the Markets Today live blog which tracks the ups and downs of the markets. Our Money Distilled newsletter explains how those developments can affect your finances, and helps readers make informed decisions about what to do with their money.

The Readout newsletter, written by Allegra Stratton and other editors, analyses how UK politics interfaces with the finance world. And our UK politics, In the City and Merryn Talks Money podcasts do the same in audio form.

Bloomberg UK social media channels have extended our reach to multiple platforms. Video clips of King Charles, Penny Mordaunt and Volodymyr Zelenskiy, to name a few, have generated tens of millions of views.