Catherine de Lange

New Scientist

Catherine de Lange is New Scientist’s magazine editor. Alongside her day job of running the magazine, she somehow manages to find the time to cook up exclusive, thought-provoking health stories that are always best-sellers.

She is, at heart, a fantastic journalist with the most brilliant eye for new trends. She has a unique ability to combine riveting narrative with in-depth and highly accessible scientific analysis. Her feature “Hack Your Metabolism” was not only a personal exploration of an important new health trend, but truly got to grips with the complex science behind metabolism, allowing the reader to better understand how they could lose weight, run for longer and reduce the risk of various health conditions like diabetes. It became one of our best selling features of the year, selling 127 subscriptions (the average is around 20). The other stories we are putting forward on Cat's behalf are both separate explorations of novel ways you can improve your health. The first looks at the idea of using blue spaces to boost your well-being; the second delves into the new science behind stress and how to turn it into a positive force in your life. Ultimately, anyone who reads Cat’s features will go away not only having been entertained, but with new knowledge that will have a massive impact on their mental and physical health. What a brilliant combo! Our Editor-In-Chief, Emily Wilson, says this of Cat: “Cat is someone who is brilliant at marrying up fantastic science with stories that people really, really want to read, and her very readable features are almost always our top-selling features online, attracting many hundreds of new subscribers each time. Writing accurate science features that are full of new science, and that are also enjoyable and incredibly useful to people, is a rare thing indeed, and she always smashes it.”