Charlotte Edwardes

The Guardian

Since joining the Guardian in January, Charlotte Edwardes has cemented her reputation as one of the sharpest profile writers on Fleet Street, producing extremely readable and agenda-setting interviews with public figures ranging from Oppenheimer star Cillian Murphy to football pundit Alex Scott and from modern acting great Lesley Manville to teenage Netflix superstar Kit Connor.

Charlotte made her debut for Saturday magazine with a cover profile of Pamela Anderson, which delicately unpicked some of the worst misogyny of the 90s while nimbly telling Anderson’s tumultuous life story. Anderson’s views on the recent Hulu/Disney+ series that dramatised the period around her leaked sex tape (“I felt violated”) - were widely reported by other outlets.

An interview with the actor Ruth Wilson was similarly searing, with Wilson speaking vividly about the “hypocrisy” of much of the film and TV industry over various #MeToo scandals. Charlotte was also able to get Wilson to speak candidly about the perils of Botox and plastic surgery as well as her disgust at the industry’s use of NDAs to silence whistleblowers.

Charlotte’s recent joint interview with Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy was a rip-roaring read. With tales of Clancy showing off videos of her children's births to shocked house guests; revelations of Crouch's vasectomy, and quotes like "I love you but you're ruining my life", it was a hilarious insight into the marriage of the top footballer and his outspoken model wife. Charlotte has quickly become one of our readers’ favourite interviewers. Her pieces are always widely read and commented upon and receive mighty attention times from online readers. She makes one of the trickier jobs in feature writing seem like an absolute doddle every time she files.