ChronicleLive delivers responsive, responsible, trusted digital journalism with a clear set of brand values. We are the biggest news website in the North East, with +35m monthly page views and 6m monthly users. In September 2022, audience grew by 23% year-on-year and in August we were fourth-top UK news brand for growth.

ChronicleLive champions the North East and is authentically Geordie and proud. In August we brought back our Newcastle Loves awards (, a celebration of our party city’s venues for eating, drinking and chilling. It has never been more important for our journalists, proud citizens of Newcastle, to support the hospitality and leisure businesses that are the lifeblood of the city’s economy. ChronicleLive held a public online poll which was flooded with 33,000 votes from 10,000 nominations. An event held in the city was a triumph ( Meanwhile, our dedicated rural tourism reporter ensures we also champion Northumberland’s best assets with regular coverage of its thriving staycation economy (samples of work here We have a track record of publishing vital information responsibly, in a clear, engaging format that puts the audience first. The Great North Run is an example, with ChronicleLive dominating search to deliver key information before, during and after the event. We celebrated its return in 2021 ( and we backed its respectful tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in 2022 ( ChronicleLive’s Everything is Black and White NUFC podcast ( had a record month in August 2022 with 144,000 downloads - our second consecutive month smashing the 100k barrier. The podcast has established a successful format for live recordings, which raise money for the NUFC Fans’ Foodbank ( This supports Newcastle’s West End Foodbank, the biggest in the UK - an organisation regularly covered in our dedicated cost of living section (, with an example of a local family's plight reported within this section). It has been a huge year for NUFC, and comprehensive, compelling coverage of the club is central to ChronicleLive. The 18-month takeover saga came to a stunning end in October 2021 and ChronicleLive reported every moment live. We re-told the story as live on the anniversary (, linking to our best coverage and pictures. Our pride and passion for the club to succeed in our city is clear - with the Academy and U21s team also championed and reported live ( It has also been a huge year for women’s football. ChronicleLive reported the first ever women’s game at St James’ Park with the same staffing and ceremony as the men’s team ( and assessed how the Lionesses' victory can supercharge the local women's game ( Local people make the North East what it is - so we have regularly partnered with other northern titles to demand a better deal from Westminster for them, from rail investment ( to levelling up ( We pride ourselves on being at the heart of the communities we serve, part of the fabric of Tyneside.