David Walsh

The Sunday Times

David Walsh has been chief sportswriter for The Sunday Times since 2001 and is a former winner of the sports journalist award. His entry encapsulates his range of writing for agenda-setting interviews, exclusive investigations and powerful reporting. He remains a must-read every week for the general reader and those in the sports industry..

- In October 2021, Walsh got hold of a confidential report prepared by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) into accusations of bullying by Robbie Dunne against fellow jockey Bryony Frost. Not only were the accusations shocking in nature but they also revealed a culture of bullying and sexism that were endemic within the jockeys' weighing room. It was also extraordinary that the BHA had yet to hold a tribunal when the incidents had taken place in 2020. No sooner had Walsh's investigation appeared than a huge media outcry broke, a tribunal was hastily convened and Frost's claims were upheld. Dunne was handed a 10-month ban from racing. - Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane is a great of the game and an outspoken TV pundit yet rarely gives press interviews. However, in November 2021, he gave Walsh several hours of his time so they could talk football, United and life. The result was an absorbing interview with one of football's most compelling and candid subjects, which was picked up widely by social media and other publications. - Published in July 2022, Walsh's special report into the death of Scotland rugby player Siobhan Cattigan created huge waves within rugby and in Scotland in particular. It was extremely moving but also asked serious questions about whether rugby union and the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) had yet to fully comprehend the seriousness of head injuries and mental health. Again, the report caused huge controversy within the sport and Scotland, with demands that the SRU hold an independent inquiry into how it had handled the Cattigan case.