Emily Braeger

Daily Express

Emily's journey in journalism began as a trainee at the Express in August 2021, during a time when working from home became the norm due to ongoing Covid restrictions. Now, two years on, and armed with her NCTJ distinction, Emily has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with, and her dedication and passion for storytelling have shone brightly.

In 2022, Emily was appointed as the Daily Express Consumer Editor, and her primary focus became addressing the profound impact of the cost-of-living crisis on disabled individuals. Her campaigning efforts garnered support from over ten charities, numerous MPs, and consumer affairs expert Martin Lewis. Emily's commitment to giving "a voice to those who do not have one in the corridors of power" did not go unnoticed, according to charity Scope.

Her ’End the Disability Bills Crisis’ campaign resonated deeply with Express readers. Families across the country thanked Emily for her unwavering determination to secure more financial support for those in dire need. Dan McEvoy, a father who featured in the campaign, praised Emily's “sensitive and compassionate portrayal of the challenges faced by families reliant on medical equipment”, stating that the campaign's success was “undoubtedly” due to her efforts.

In November 2022, Emily embarked on a journey across Thailand, visiting seven locations to expose the horrors of the lucrative elephant tourism industry. Her courage in highlighting the abuse endured by these majestic creatures drew the support of prominent figures, including Stanley Johnson, Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley, Ann Widdecombe, and Angela Rippon. Emily's environmental campaign led to the proposed Animals (Low-Welfare Activities Abroad) Bill getting Royal Assent in the House of Commons, a significant step toward protecting animals from exploitation for tourism profits.

Not content with her accomplishments, Emily took on the Royal Mail, investigating the alarming volume of delayed and lost post that was affecting people's lives. She conducted an investigation, sending over 240 letters across England. Shockingly, more than half of the first-class letters and 64% of second-class letters failed to arrive within just 10 days. This investigation marked the beginning of yet another series of impactful reports by Emily. Even when she moved to New York City for four months to help launch the Daily Express US this summer, Emily continued to contribute her time and talent to campaigns in the UK. Her passion for the industry, coupled with her unwavering dedication to helping others, sets her apart. She championed causes like 'End the Disability Bills Crisis,' 'Save the Asian Elephants,' 'Save the High Street Banks,' and supported the charity Guide Dogs in addressing access refusals.

In a field that often demands experience and maturity, Emily stands as a shining example of a young journalist who possesses passion, vigour, strength, and confidence beyond her years. Her contributions have already had a profound impact at the age of just 23, and her work embodies the spirit of journalism.