Feed a Family

Express & Star

Our Feed a Family Campaign was launched as an emergency measure after foodbanks reported they were running dry of stock.

We have profiled the plight of foodbanks as well as those they are helping. We have provided a register of groups offering help and advice people on the best items of give. And we have also set up a a Cost of Living Facebook Group, offering an open forum to link up those who want to help to those in need. Launched in early October, it has amassed more than 600 members in a fortnight and counting. This is a campaign that does not need a long explanation or fancy words. It speaks for itself.

It has made a real difference to the foodbanks by boosting their stocks and raising their profile. The articles submitted within the attached PDF include testimonials from those we have helped. As well as making a difference, this campaign has enabled the Express & Star to highlight a very real cost of living problem that is affecting so many of our readers as we head into winter. The Black Country is one of the most deprived areas of the country. That means we have a duty to act to help those most in need.