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*Cover stars offer agenda-setting revelations – like Mel C saying that she contemplated suicide (8 September 2022) in the first interview for her autobiography, followed by The Sunday Times Magazine among many others. Sheryl Sandberg discussed being written off at 35 (17 June 2021), Yewanda Biala exposed racism on Love Island while Jenny Agutter talked being sexy in her 60s. *Dame Jenni Murray. We gave TV’s most fearless star a powerful new platform. Readers adore Jenni’s dry humour, unwavering support of women – and total honesty. ‘No wonder the young despise my lazy, selfish generation’, she confessed (31 March 2022). One column won 2,000 likes and 450 comments on Twitter. *Powerful original reporting that sparks national conversation. Samantha Smith’s story (I was abused repeatedly as a child but police never took it seriously. Now the truth is out there at last, 11 August 2022) got 15k hits from social media alone. Our major commissioned survey uncovered ‘The heartbreaking reality of a teenage girl’s sex life’ (10 June 2021), while Lisa Brinkworth named her powerful abuser: ‘My fight for fashion's #MeToo moment’ (19 May 2022). A top barrister asked: ‘Is it any wonder police treat sex attack victims so badly with abusers, rapists and murderers on the force?’ (8 April 2022), alongside our investigation into police sex crimes. Roxy and Gay Longworth’s horrifying testimony (‘Roxy was 13 when she was pressured into sending a nude selfie to a boy at school, 22 June 2022) led to the mother and daughter appearing on ITV’s This Morning and was followed by the Times Magazine among others. *Jaw-dropping features: Amanda Platell on ageing: ‘I still want great sex ...and to stand as an MP’ 12 May 2022. Matthew Fray sparked a flood of letters, admitting: ‘My wife divorced me for leaving dirty glasses by the sink - and she was right!’ (24 March 2022). Liz Jones revealed in excruciating detail ‘Why I had a £6,000 eyebrow transplant’, 17 March 2022. *Bolder, more informed fashion content, including brilliant column What To Wear This Weekend by fashion editor Dinah van Tulleken. Plus authoritative voices such as Amanda Wakeley (Found! Your perfect white T-shirt, 14 July 2022) and Alexandra Shulman (How pink finally came of age, 7 April 2022). *Sparky regulars. Dr Clare Bailey (1m Instagram followers) gives wise wellbeing advice, while Blind Date is unmissable – one fiery meeting led to a follow-up feature, ‘Why you're selfish if you order spaghetti on a first date!’ (21 April 2022). *An astonishing digital transformation. In the past two years we’ve launched on MailPlus (88,000 subscribers) and introduced interactive articles, bespoke video and the first Femail newsletter. Across all platforms, sharp design, bespoke fonts and top photographers make Femail distinct, sophisticated and visually arresting.