Hereford Times

OnePlanet is an eight-page supplement published every month in the weekly Hereford Times.

It aims to raise awareness of environmental issues, with a specific focus on Herefordshire. A key plank of our content has been reports published as part of our Save The Wye campaign. It has highlighted the plight of the beautiful river Wye, which is being blighted by phosphate pollution, and urged the various authorities to step up their efforts to tackle the crisis. Other subject featured in the supplement include efforts to protect wildlife, sustainable building projects and tips on eco-friendly gardening. Almost all the content is supplied by contributors who are both knowledgeable and engaged in projects to protect the environment and address climate change. The aim is to give engaged individuals and grassroots groups a platform where they can tackle subjects that receive scant coverage by the regional press through lack of space and expertise among reporting staff. Rather than dwelling on alarmist narratives, the emphasis, always, is on the positive efforts being made by local people to do what they can to help the environmental cause. OnePlanet has been extremely well received by environmental campaigners: Here For Hereford tweeted: Well one on reporting on these issues at a local level and also bringing some positive on what we can do to reduce our emissions and improve our environment Environmental campaigner Janette Ward said: “Thank you for this issue of OnePlanet (February 2022), which has been very well received by everyone I've spoken to and shared it with.” Citizen scientist Malcolm John said: “Brilliant initiative from the HT – thx. We'll keep sending you contributions.” The supplement received attention from trade news site