The Telegraph

If there was ever a front page that captured the horror of war, this was it.

On Friday 13 October, The Telegraph published a warning from the Israeli government, concerning a photograph of a murdered child.

This was a moment in history that had to be dealt with utmost sensitivity.

We took an unconventional approach, putting the statement on the front page and the image on page three. This not only provided the reader with context but, crucially, gave them the choice as to whether or not to view the photograph.

The warning captures the barbaric nature of the atrocity, the utter shock of what had just happened – and the trepidation felt by those issuing this statement. The type-only front page is arresting: there is no image and yet it is so visual.

This was something the world had the right to see – and the impact was undeniable.

We believe that this front page was both memorable and confronting. It was original, clear and powerful – all the qualities this award sets out to recognise.