Keith Heppell

Cambridge Independent, Iliffe Media

Keith Heppell is a photographer that delivers the goods every time.

And even if a crowd of photographers are at the same event, Keith will emerge with something different that captures the moment like no other image that day. Whether it requires vision, careful lighting or advanced technical execution, I know Keith will tell a story for me in pictures. Mill Road Attending a protest over the closure to private motor vehicles of Mill Road bridge, Keith took an image that perfectly summed up this divisive local issue. A protester is using a megaphone to roar disapproval at the decision, while a local councillor - who had voiced approval for the closure - holds up his hand against the noise, as if unwilling to listen to the protest. The two sides in this debate were at loggerheads - at complete odds with one another. What better way to sum it up? I knew straight away that I’d use this as our front page image that week. Trinity College fireworks The May Ball at Trinity College is a spectacular event and many take images of the beautiful fireworks display. Keith did more than capture the colours of the fireworks though. Having negotiated his way into place, he framed the watching students on punts on the River Cam as the night sky was lit up. It’s a quintessentially Cambridge moment, beautifully captured. Spitfire dash Battle of Britain weekend at IWM Duxford is full of displays of wartime planes that attract photographers far and wide. But Keith was the only one that went home with this shot. He conceived the moment of the pilots scrambling for their planes, briefed the re-enactors on site on what to do and recreated this iconic wartime scene. It was the perfect way to lead our page of images from the day. - Editor Paul Brackley