Liz Hull

Daily Mail

Liz spent 10 months covering the trial of Lucy Letby at Manchester Crown Court, attending the case almost every day and filing copy for the Daily Mail, Mail+ and MailOnline. With broadcaster Caroline Cheetham she also wrote and produced a hugely popular weekly podcast (which to date has received 14million downloads) and presented a 45-minute TV documentary on the case for YouTube.

In preparation for the guilty verdicts, Liz wrote more than 16,000 words of background articles, much of which filled pages 1 to 20 of the Daily Mail on Saturday August 19 2023, the day after the guilty verdicts were announced. They included a news feature analysing the ten missed opportunities to stop Letby, a detailed profile of the murderer herself and a double page spread examining her motive. Along with a colleague, Tom Rawstorne, she also contributed to a special eight page pull out, telling the full story of Letby’s 12-month killing spree.

Following the verdicts, she worked round the clock securing several exclusive interviews, including one with the senior investigating officer in the case, Detective Superintendent Paul Hughes, who discussed the fascinating way he brought Letby to justice, plus an exclusive interview with the parents of another baby boy, not involved in the case, who now believe the nurse, who they trusted so much they considered making her his godmother, also harmed their son. A week after the verdicts, Liz’s first-person account of covering such a long and harrowing trial was published to high praise from editors, journalist colleagues and readers.