Mark Palmer

Daily Mail

It’s been a torrid two years for travel, full of acrimony and confusion. But, through it all, Mark Palmer has emerged as a champion in helping consumers find a way through the chaos and encouraging them not to give up on well-earned holidays. His piece on July 25 2022 (‘Holidays mayhem…and how to survive it’) is a case in point, following the worst weekend in living memory for travel, both overseas and in the UK. His cover story (‘Move Over Mustique’) identified the tiny Caribbean island of Canouan as a potential new honeypot, with a convoluted but fascinating financial backstory. And ‘It’s Mani from Heaven’ takes the reader deep into the Peloponnese to make clear why the legendary Paddy Leigh Fermor found it so fascinating. Readers (and broadcasters) have looked to Palmer for a clear understanding of what’s happening in the world of travel in such uncertain times and he has delivered with a potent mix of wit and wisdom.