Matthew Syed

The Sunday Times

Matthew Syed has written columns on a wide variety of subjects from energy and foreign policy to tech regulation and polarisation. These three entries showcase his range with one column about coming to terms with the death of his father, another on the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the third on the moral psychology of the Conservative Party. In each case, he brings a distinctive perspective to complex issues and seeks to delve beneath conventional answers. All these columns elicited a huge response from readers.

One Times reader wrote the following in response to the column on grief: “First time I have responded to an article. Best piece I have ever read. Thank you. Orphaned in childhood; later lost my brother, then my husband. I am deeply aware of the sadness of grief. Yet this also awakens an indescribable appreciation of life itself and the shortness of time. I'm 54. Recently learnt how to sail, then gave up my job as a primary school teacher and bought an old yacht. Woke up this morning anchored at a tiny island in Greece. The water is slapping gently against the hull; the waves are rolling into the deserted beach. The sun rose in dusky pinks and yellows. I have an online class to teach later. We have more choices than we often realise. Thank you for reminding me of this extraordinary gift we have.”