Natasha Livingstone

The Mail on Sunday

Bristling with initiative and tenacity, Natasha Livingstone has produced agenda-setting stories on a very wide range of subjects.

Her impressive portfolio includes a hard-hitting undercover investigation into extremists plotting a mass campaign of civil disobedience. ‘Exposed: Climate Change Fanatics’ Sinister Plot to Blockade Our Oil Refineries, Fuel Trucks and Petrol Station’ (February 6, 2022) was a textbook case of a reporter using subterfuge in the public interest. Bravely, Natasha posed as a member of the group Just Stop Oil as she secretly collated compelling detail of its illegal plans to disrupt Britain’s national energy infrastructure. Despite being a national newspaper reporter for less than a year, Natasha took on the story of a teacher whose bloodied and bandaged face became a harrowing symbol of Putin’s bomb attacks on the Ukrainian people. Natasha navigated the extremely complex logistics of arranging care for Olena Kurylo after the missile damage to her eyes quickly deteriorated and she brought her to England for sight-saving surgery (‘Blinded Teacher’s Tears Of Joy as UK Doctors Say: We’ll Save Your Eyesight’ (August 28, 2022)). After sorting out a visa and finding a family to host Olena, Natasha's efforts – supported by money donated by Mail on Sunday readers for the surgery - have completely changed Olena’s life. Subsequently, a tearful Olena visited the newspaper’s offices to thank Natasha and our readers. The Ukrainian teacher’s successful treatment followed the launch of a Mail Force Appeal (in conjunction with the Daily Mail) to raise money to give to charities helping Ukrainian refugees. As part of our coverage and on one of her first ever foreign reporting commissions, Natasha travelled to a refugee camp on the Poland-Ukraine border just weeks after the Russian invasion. Showing her skills as an interviewer in the most difficult circumstances, she gave a voice to families who spoke of their desperate plight and the horrors they had left behind (‘Your £1m for UN Mercy Mission’ (March 20, 2022)).