Paul Kirkley

Cambridge Independent

Paul can write about anything from global events to goings-on in his village with complete dexterity - and humour. You can’t read a column from Paul without finding something to make you laugh or smile… even if you don’t agree with it.

From explaining the precise root of the 21st century’s many problems, to exploring why it’s just so difficult to get a GP appointment, and from ranting about Brexit to telling those who complained about a ferris wheel to get over themselves, he’s always a must-read. And our readers tell us so. When he took a holiday, I got letters asking where he was. We have other readers who tell me they turn straight to his page. Whether it’s a personal view on how the PM has trashed the economy in the time it takes most people settling in to a new job to get a log-in, or an observation about a horse traipsing through Ely Cathedral, Paul Kirkley has something to say - and you’re going to want to read it. Paul Brackley, Editor