Raymond Esteban

Belfast Telegraph

As a graphic designer for the Belfast Telegraph I am submitting cover artwork I have produced showcasing the various cover stories within some Belfast Telegraph supplements.

Submission 1: BELFAST (THE MOVIE) - Belfast Telegraph Weekend Magazine What better way to illustrate Kenneth Branagh's great movie - a Belfast mural! Using the iconic black and white image of Buddy (Jude Hill), with sword and bin lid in hand, I added colour to the image and overlayed it on a textured brick wall background. Adding Branagh's signature finished the piece. Submission 2: COMIC BOOK GUYS - Belfast Telegraph Review Magazine Gillian Halliday's great piece on Northern Ireland's love affair with graphic novels had her interview Aaron Flanagan from Belfast's local comic book store, Comic Book Guys. Using an image of Aaron I created a comic book character and retro background to complete the effect. Moving inside the magazine I continued the comic book theme, designing pages 2 & 3 in a comic book style. Submission 3: EURO 2022 - Belfast Telegraph Supplement Design of front cover and Euro 2022 wallchart. Submission 4: Guide to Sustainability - Belfast Telegraph Weekend Magazine Who would have thought! The map of Northern Ireland actually looks like a tree in full bloom! Creating the tree laiden in leaves then adding words, that were all things 'green' related, gave what I think was a simple yet effect cover illustration.