Robin McKie

The Observer

The first two of my entries concern the critical issues that will have to be tackled if we are to ensure we stave off the looming climate crisis. These focus on the way we access the minerals and metals we will need for future flotillas of electric cars, solar arrays and wind turbines. Many of these materials are found in environmentally sensitive parts of the world and digging them poses all sorts of threats to local communities, wildlife and environments. In particular, the risks of turning to the seabed as a source of rare metals could lead to vast danger in terms of pollution and releasing new viruses and other microbes. My third entry concerns the dangers to wildlife that were posed by the proposed construction of the London Resort theme park on the Thames. This article had a swift impact. The backers of the project withdrew their request for planning permission two days after my report appeared in the Observer and the resort is now officially “on hold”. By bringing to light the wide opposition to projects like these and carefully detailing likely impacts on wildlife and the planet, I believe the public interest was well served by my reporting.