Rosamund Urwin and Charlotte Wace

The Times and Sunday Times

Revelling in his reputation as ‘London’s most lascivious lothario’, actor and presenter Russell Brand escaped scrutiny for years. His predatory behaviour was an open secret, but attempts to publicise it were stymied by legal threats and a culture of silence and intimidation within the showbiz world. 

Sunday Times reporter Rosamund Irwin and Times journalist Charlotte Wace joined forces to delve into the allegations of sexual abuse, contacting more than 500 sources across three continents over three years. The firsthand testimony of women who claim to have been raped by Brand were central to the investigation.

Brand denied everything, but as a result of the investigation his publisher and agent ditched him, events were cancelled and he was banned from YouTube. The fallout continues: an ongoing police investigation is pursuing more allegations against him, and internal investigations at both the BBC and Channel 4 have unearthed complaints that were previously ignored.

“Journalism at its best,” concluded the judges. “By unmasking a serial predator and revealing Brand’s sinister grooming techniques, his uncanny ability for deflection and how he was allowed to hide in plain sight, Rosamund and Charlotte have done more for women’s safety than the Met Police.”