Sarah Neville

Financial Times

Sarah Neville tells complicated, sensitive yet important health stories through a compelling cast of characters. Underpinned by expert interviews and scaffolded by data and leading-edge science, the human beings at the heart of her articles make them accessible and engaging as well as informative – to the extent that readers have been inspired to make changes to their own lives.

Her FT Weekend Magazine cover feature on falling global sperm counts is told through the fascinating story of 87-year-old scientist Shanna Swan, who spent decades studying the toxic effects of chemicals on fertility, despite fierce resistance from the chemical industry. 

A feature exploring the mysterious rise of cancer rates in the young is woven through with the story of a previously fit young father, diagnosed at just 34. And the delightfully optimistic feature on the apparently declining rate of Alzheimer’s in the US, Europe and Japan, is bookended by the experience of a man who watched dementia steal away his father and the steps he is taking to avoid the same fate. 

Judges praised Neville’s “impressive, forensic insight into global health issues and the science behind them,” and her “exemplary ability to break down complicated and sensitive subjects with clarity and compassion.”