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The best way to judge the quality of a website is to look at one example in detail. The coverage of the Queen's death shows how has been transformed in the last year.

Readers have been turning to the Telegraph in record numbers with its brilliant new app, in-depth reporting, stunning design, engaging video and graphics, and personalised tools. This was demonstrated when the Queen died and our Visual Journalism team produced 13 ambitious pieces with bespoke UX in 12 days, housed in a dedicated Queen hub. From the definitive obituary to an interactive guide to the funeral procession, the pieces subscribers and new readers wanted were there, finished off with her funeral told in 25 remarkable pictures and a moving video, pics, graphics and text special on 12 days that united a kingdom. Our book of condolences received 10k entries, reflecting the strong community we have established. Our ground-breaking new app had been launched in April 2021 - one app enabling subscribers to browse the day’s newspaper then flip to the latest updates. With the Queen, readers engaged with dedicated supplements and magazines, and a record number opened our Royals-specific notifications and visited our “Latest” homepage, curated for the app to deliver a more dense story count and quicker stream of live updating news. It is the fastest growing news publisher app in the UK, traffic up 80% since Jan 2022. Our unique Stars metric and Pulse analytics dashboard were purpose built to encourage journalism that grows subscriptions, while our much used headline testing tool helps journalists sell their work in optimal ways to engage readers and reach new audiences. The results are seen across social platforms and multimedia. Camilla Tominey led our live commentary team for the Queen’s funeral, with 1.6m video views. Our daily Ukraine Twitter Space was so popular that we made it a podcast - with more than 3 million downloads and live interviews with Vitali Klitschko among others. Our flagship Front Page newsletter has won multiple awards. No UK publisher can match the size of our subscriber following across both YouTube and Snapchat. R&D on these platforms is reflected back on our own. Our Platinum Queen introduced slick navigation to commemorate the Jubilee, with 70 micro visual ‘stories’ to celebrate 70 years. Our Ukraine reporting has used graphics and autoplay videos to simple, great effect - such as this recreation of a lone tank attack and this read on why Russia can't let Snake Island go. And our personalised tools help readers make the most of life - finding the best school, or the ultimate commuter town, tackling the cost-of-living crisis, or searching for the perfect buy-to-let. Our NHS tracker is refreshed monthly. Our website aims to keep our readers well informed and help them live a better life. It is this level of ground-breaking innovation that has helped the Telegraph reach more than 740k subscribers, growing faster than any UK publisher since January 2021 (digital subs up 53% in that time).