The Herald, Glasgow

The cost of living crisis is the biggest issue facing our readers and it demanded a big response from us.

This front page aimed to highlight concerns that Scotland was heading for a “humanitarian disaster” and increase pressure on politicians to act. In a radical break from our usual page 1 style, we decided the issue was important enough to warrant a poster-style front. We planned our coverage over a number of days, and ran 3 full pages of broadsheet coverage inside. We drew on the expertise of our reporters, business team, columnists, graphics/design and pictures to create a relevant, impactful, meticulously planned and reported piece of work. In terms of the design of page 1, we tried various approaches, including photographs of people who would be particularly affected by the rising cost of energy, but decided to go for an eye-catching graphic approach. We cleared the puffs and worked to create something that was clean and easily understood. As we are a broadsheet, we have the advantage of a big display, set against the need to make it display on the stands while folded over. We think we succeeded due to response from readers.