Phillip Schofield

The Sun

The Sun lit the touchpaper for one of the biggest and widely-discussed showbiz scandals in years when we broke the news that started it all: Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s 13-year working relationship - and friendship - was over, and despite leading the charge on the story managed to get the first exclusive interview with Phil where he laid bare the details of the affair and scandal.

The front page story was picked up by broadcasters, print rivals and celebrated all over social media. It was the interview everyone wanted.

The interview was only possible solely due to the trusted relationship Sun journalist Clemmie Moodie had developed with Phillip over the past 15 months. Over the course of an astonishing and emotional interview, the under-fire broadcaster confirmed The Sun’s reporting as well as delivering more revelations, apologising for his actions but insisting he was not a “groomer.”

With his career in tatters and reputation in pieces, Phillip entrusted Clemmie with his account, which produced three days of front-page coverage and managed to be hard-hitting while also deeply sensitive to his mental wellbeing.

Ahead of the front page, through well-placed contacts, The Sun exposed a raft of serious issues being faced by ITV including allegations of a toxic work culture. The impact has been huge, with ITV boss Carolyn McCall summoned to parliament to answer questions about the working environment and ITV bringing in an external KC to lead an investigation.