The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times, which celebrated its 200th anniversary in October, is more vigorous, inventive and authoritative than ever as it continues to train its sights on targets unaccustomed to scrutiny.

Every week it breaks stories that lead the news agenda; provides unrivalled coverage of politics; in-depth analysis of complex issues and forges ahead with successful digital products. Never forgetting our print heritage we provided the definitive memorial editions to mark the death of the Queen.

​Across a month, the Sunday Times attracts around 40 percent of the Times/Sunday Times website's overall traffic from less than 20 percent of its 7 day output. And readers are coming back more frequently and spending more time with us every week.

In print we continue to outperform the market and sold an extra 150,000 copies on the passing of Her Majesty. The formula remains simple: an addictive mix of exclusive news, features and opinion, told in an engaging and exciting way that draws subscribers back time and time again.

Over the past 18 months the Sunday Times has:

* Blown apart David Cameron's post No10 lobbying career by chronicling his astonishing relationship with the disgraced Australian financier Lex Greensill.

*Lifted the lid on Prince Charles's previously under-scrutinised charities, exposing donations in Euro-stuffed Fortnum and Masons shopping bags, triggering a Scotland Yard inquiry and the resignation of the KIng's trusted aide, Michael Fawcett.

*Fought for justice for thousands of families whose children were left disabled because their unsuspecting mothers took sodium valproate
*Forced the British Army to reinvestigate the 2012 murder of a Kenyan mother after we revealed the prime suspect is a British soldier.

*Exposed in sport the bullying of female jump jockey Bryony Frost and concussion-related death of Scottish rugby star Siobhan Cattegan.

But while scoops set the web buzzing on a Saturday evening, readers cherish the analysis and long form journalism that the newspaper remains wholeheartedly committed to

Tim Shipman’s long reads give readers an unrivalled insider account of government, and chronicled the implosion of the Johnson and Truss administrations. Oliver Shah and David Smith's authority on the City and the economy are unmissable.

Under data editor Tom Calver we have shown the true effects of inflation on individual readers and the real death toll of Covid, put Russian losses in Ukraine into perspective and unpicked the finances of the UK’s 9 million benefits claimants.

We maintain our commitment to foreign reporting. The vivid reporting of Christina Lamb in Afghanistan was unrivalled. Louise Callaghan's dispatches from Ukraine were so versatile they could end up on either page one of the newspaper or a magazine cover. And the finest expert on the conflict, Professor Mark Galeotti, has become a destination read.

Culture, rejuvenated under a new editor, secured a string of exclusive interviews from Johnny Depp to Kate Winslet while Style remains the only place to turn to for fashion. Unmissable journalism has been our watchword for 200 years, here's to another two centuries' worth.