THIIIRD Magazine

THIIIRD Magazine

THIIIRD is a fashion, arts and culture platform which centralises the thought, being and art of people of colour, those of marginalised genders and others with underrepresented backgrounds — inclusively. Through our many mediums including a digital platform, podcast, events and printed magazine, we have created a platform that not only creates a spaces for diverse representation, but also nurtures diverse talent.

We are invested in doing this with intersectionality and seek to amplify the voices and perspectives of people who face barriers in society on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, ability, faith and/or heritage. Since 2017 our printed magazine, which has been described as an exciting indie magazine with an ‘unashamed slant on the underrepresented’ (The Drum), has been the space we have used to do this. In our editorials features we have remained focused in exploring the needs for change making in the arts and showcasing the multiplicity of communities who typically have their stories and identities stereotyped.

Differing from many other platforms which surround us, we choose to commission and work predominantly with new and budding talent from diverse underrepresented backgrounds. We work with them to generate exciting, honest and refreshing ideas that they are able to gain experiences in writing, photographing and editing from.

In recruiting teams, composed of 70-80% people whose backgrounds can be described as minority, we put an emphasis on solidarity and cross-cultural understanding whilst also helping new talent get their foot in doors which lead to further opportunities. The attached entries are submissions from our latest issue Body Movements published in October 2022 and Defiant Beauty in June of 2021. The first person piece and feature articles submitted are examples of our editorial tone, style and visual identity. For many, like Lydia Johnson, a neurodiverse trans woman and the journalist who interviewed Paralympian Julie Rodgers, working with us is the first opportunity they’ve had to see themselves published in print. We are proud to say that it is in most scenarios, it is not the last, and THIIIRD is an important stepping stone for providing young journalist further opportunities and careers in the creative industries.

Furthermore, we are also shaping the culture within other creative companies through the work we do in offering bespoke talks and workshops around D&I. Our talks on topics such as unconscious bias, supporting diverse recruits and challenging racism have supported both management and staff at these companies to take the actions that lead to more supportive environments, particularly for minority staff.