Tom Jenkins

The Guardian

Tom Jenkins’s photos stand out not least for his unusual camera angles. At the World Cup Final in Qatar, he captured the crowning moment of Lionel Messi’s career by positioning himself behind the goal in front of the celebrating Argentinian fans. When the crowd celebrated, the maestro, clutching the trophy, suddenly materialised, borne aloft on Sergio Agüero’s shoulders.


At the Grand National, a shot of horses leaping over The Chair, appearing to have taken flight, was taken from a remote camera in the huge open ditch that forms part of the fence. The rich chestnut of the horses against the vivid blue sky, juxtaposed with the shadowy foreground, provide a unique glimpse of the fierce energy of the race.

And at the Six Nations, Jenkins captured a pin-sharp shot of a flying Anthony Watson as he scored England’s opening try against Wales. The look of intense concentration on his face as he slips the clutches of his Welsh adversary, encapsulate England’s dominance, while the celebrating fans add an emotional backdrop to the dramatic image.

The judges credited Jenkins’s “well-thought-through” shots, noting that the risks he took to stand out from the crowd paid off in the finished products.