Warrington Guardian

Life In Lockdown: One Year On anniversary supplement – published inside the Warrington Guardian on Thursday, March 25, 2021

AS a weekly print title, the supplements we produce in the Warrington Guardian are usually modest in size compared to those put together by some of the country’s biggest dailies. However we do always strive to produce the best editions we possibly can when it comes to covering the most noteworthy events. And having won a Regional Press Award 2020 for Weekly Newspaper of the Year primarily due to our strong coronavirus coverage, we wanted to ensure that our subsequent coronavirus anniversary supplement was equally well received. A year on from the first Covid-19 lockdown, we put together a comprehensive special edition including a 24-page pull-out supplement to reflect on the significant events of the previous 12 months. We believe what we produced illustrates the true impact the virus had on the people of Warrington. You will see from the folios at the top of each page of the supplement that we tried to encompass every possible aspect. This included an in-depth look back over the past year and how we reported them, with a timeline of events to illustrate the key events as they happened. Features focused on the frontline and the vaccine rollout; living with loss and the impact on our businesses, schools and community, as well as the things we learnt during lockdown. Additionally we included four comprehensive pages of tributes to Warrington’s Covid victims, who are also featured on the front page of that week’s edition. The supplement itself was produced on enhanced stitched print after securing sponsorship from Warrington Borough Council and Warrington Hospital who had praised our trusted journalism throughout the pandemic. It was responsible for a significant uplift in newspaper sales – up 6.1% on the previous week, up 2.1% year on year, and 8.7% up on budget. The keepsake edition also received widespread praise from readers and members of the community.