2020 winners

Individual Awards

Young journalist of the year

Will Brown

The Telegraph

Business and finance journalist of the year

Dan McCrum

Financial Times

Political journalist of the year - Reporter

Pippa Crerar

Daily Mirror

Political journalist of the year - Commentator

Marina Hyde

The Guardian

Foreign reporter of the year

Anthony Loyd

The Times

Science and technology journalist of the year

Tom Whipple

The Times

Health journalist of the year

Sarah Boseley

The Guardian

Environment journalist of the year

Nada Farhoud

Daily Mirror

Travel journalist of the year

Tom Payne

Dail Mail

The Hugh McIlvanney Award for Sports Journalist of the Year

Sam Wallace

The Telegraph

Specialist journalist of the year

Max Daly

VICE News World

Interviewer of the year - Popular

Rebecca Hardy

Daily Mail

Interviewer of the year - Broadsheet

Decca Aitkenhead

The Sunday Times, Magazine

Columnist of the year - Popular - Joint Winner

Jan Moir

Daily Mail

Liz Jones

The Mail on Sunday

Columnist of the year - Popular - Joint Winner

Columnist of the year - Broadsheet

Janice Turner

The Times

Critic of the year

Craig Brown

The Mail on Sunday

Feature writer of the year - Popular

Ian Birrell

The Mail on Sunday / Tortoise

Feature writer of the year - Broadsheet

Mick Brown

The Telegraph

News reporter of the year

Jeremy Armstrong

Daily Mirror

Tom Wells

The Sun

Photographer of the year

Dylan Martinez


Cartoonist of the year

Morten Morland

The Sunday Times and The Times

Newspaper Awards

Investigation of the year


Financial Times

Scoop of the year

Cummings broke lockdown rules

Daily Mirror

Dominic Cummings breaks lockdown

The Guardian

Supplement of the year

FT Weekend Life & Arts

Financial Times

Front page of the year

For pity sake, just let them hold hands

Daily Mail

Campaign of the year

Food for London Now and Help the Hungry

Evening Standard and The Independent

Excellence in diversity award - Driving Diversity Award

FT Early Career and Future Talent Programmes

Financial Times

The Cudlipp Award

Mail Force: PPE Crisis

Daily Mail

Newspaper of the year - Daily

Daily Mail

Newspaper of the year - Sunday

The Sunday Times

News website of the year


News podcast of the year

Bed of Lies